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  • Peer support
  • Education & vocational support
  • Manage health & well being
  • COVID safe service
  • individualize care & treatment plan
  • Step down in less restrictive pathways
  • Carers support
  • Floating Support
  • Digital access to all health and care platforms

What makes us different

Bespoke care support ltd believe in providing the best personalised and experienced care support for service users of all needs, at all times. Our team comprises of clinical staff, social worker, care coordinator, community mental health team, advocacy and support worker. We differ from other providers because we team up with housing specialist, housing association, private landlord and developers who always help to supply accommodations to service users that have otherwise find it difficult to live an independent life.

In today’s society, traditional methods of support are being challenged due to unprecedented demand and limited availability of care to cost ratio, however we firmly believe that these obstacles should not affect the quality of care each person deserves. We are a team of experienced health and social care professionals with countless years in private and public sectors. The clinical knowledge shared by our diverse range of staff compliment the care given by the clinical practitioners, so the standards of the care at home are as good, therefore ensuring the best chances of recovery. We bring this expertise to our homes to ensure every person, no matter how complex their needs, obtain care that is both affordable and personalised to ensure recovery. We make our houses homes for the people we care for. Instead of using outdated and obstinate care models, we focus on crafting the best support services around our service user’s lives and their loved ones, to ensure they are getting the most from our care.

Our core features

Female with complex & high risk behaviour compounded by EUPD

  1. Substance misuse dual diagnosis with complications of drug induce psychosis
  2. Forensic pathways MoJ sec37/41, violence, aggression, arson & treatment resistant
  3. LD with multiple complex needs high dependency, challenging behaviour
  4. Transforming care cohort who needs high level of PBS from skilled & trained staff
  5. Male with complex
  • ASD/ADHD traits with high risk behaviours

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Our services are focused on individuals and families living with a range of challenges whilst also highlighting their strengths:

  • Mental Health Needs   
  • Social disadvantages 
  • Risk of homelessness
  • Dual Diagnosis 
  • Behaviour that deems challenging
  • Forensic History
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Autism 
  • Respite 
  • Individual recovering from substance/alcohol misuse with complex needs 
  • Ward Rounds and support for the individual who is ready to be discharged from psychiatric wards 
  • Referrals from families, GPs, hospital, and local authority
  • High Support  
  • Medium Support  
  • Low Support  
  • Floating Support  
  • Support in your home
  • Intensive support
  • Self- contained apartment:
  • One bedroom flat
  • houses maximum of 5 services users living in one house